Some imperfect thoughts on perfection

“Perfect body, perfectly toned, perfect answer, the perfect man for you, a perfect fit, a perfect idea, a perfect child, picture perfect, the perfect couple, a perfect job …” it makes me perfectly sick!

It was in the midst of all these messages of perfection that an imperfect idea came to me…. How can anything perfect be limited?

The strict and tightly ruled lines of perfection: “the perfect body must be slim, young, fit and tanned” place it squarely into a small tight box … and trying to squeeze into that little box that’s so much smaller than us, is so uncomfortable and just unpleasant. How about instead of giving up on perfection and reconciling ourselves to living outside of the perfect box, we indeed do choose perfection….but a big, holistic, complete version of perfection. Perfection that has rolls and wobbly bits, and wrinkles and spots and tired parts, but it’s totally unique. It carries its own perfect story.

How about we call that perfection, and make it limitless?

2 thoughts on “Some imperfect thoughts on perfection

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